I’m Not in Love review – anti-romcom that nails sex and dating

While some gags don’t land in this story of an ordinary bloke who can’t quite commit to his girlfriend, Col Spector provides an honest look at relationships

Shot in and around London’s Hampstead and Belsize Park areas, this quirky anti-romantic comedy revolves around thirtysomething nutritionist Rob (likably schlubby Al Weaver), an ordinary bloke who can’t quite bring himself to commit, and his longsuffering long-term girlfriend Marta (Cristina Catalina). Keenly aware of how little time is left on her biological clock and desperate to have a baby, she stands by virtually tapping her foot while she waits for him to propose, or at least agree to get her knocked up. Rob, meanwhile, surveys the wildly contradictory advice he gets from his eclectic assortment of male friends.

Some, particularly the ones already paired up and reproducing, counsel Rob to settle for Marta and stop looking for the perfect woman because no one will be that girl. Rob secretly wants to be more of a player like his friend Chris (Morgan Watkins), a smoothie who looks like a better version of Rob – but who is suffering from erectile dysfunction problems and has a growing interest in seeing escorts because it’s “more honest”.

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Source: theguardian
I’m Not in Love review – anti-romcom that nails sex and dating