How to Reset Your Kindle Reading Time If It's Wrong

The reading time feature on your Kindle is a really useful way of tracking your reading progress, but sometimes it can be inaccurate. Here’s what do you if your Kindle reading time is incorrect.

How to Access Your Kindle Reading Time

The reading time feature on your Kindle monitors the speed of your reading and then uses that information to give an estimate for the remaining time you will take to finish the chapter you’re on or the book you’re reading.

This is a great way to see how long specific books will take you to read, roughly, and a useful feature when fitting reading around your schedule.

The quickest way to access your reading time is by lightly tapping the bottom left corner of your Kindle screen.

This will display your reading progress on the bottom left of your Kindle screen as one of the following: page number, time left in chapter, time left in book, and location in book (loc).

Tapping on the bottom left corner of your Kindle screen cycles through all of these, and you can also turn these off by tapping through, leaving just the text.

Along with giving you estimates for your reading time, your Kindle is packed full of useful features. If you’re still learning the ropes with what your Kindle can do, our guide on how to organize your Amazon Kindle could help you out.

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How to Reset Your Kindle Reading Time

Your Kindle reading time estimate should be pretty accurate as it dynamically adjusts itself to your reading speed. However, if you find that your Kindle is giving you wildly inaccurate times, the best thing to do is to reset your Kindle reading time.

To do this, tap the top of your Kindle screen. From there, tap the search bar and type ;ReadingTimeReset exactly as it’s shown here, case-sensitive and with the semicolon at the beginning.

Your search should give you no results, which is completely normal. Despite that, now when you check your Kindle reading time, instead of displaying a figure, it should now say Learning reading speed. After a few minutes of reading, your Kindle should now provide you with an updated and more accurate estimate of your reading time.

Getting the Most Out of Your Kindle

There we have it. If your Kindle reading time isn’t quite showing the correct estimate, you can always reset it so it provides you with the most accurate figure.

Beyond just personal use, you can even use your Kindle to share books with family members, perfect for you and your family to exchange your favorite books.

All in all, your Kindle is a great device that helps enrich your reading experience and can wonderfully complement reading physical books.

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How to Reset Your Kindle Reading Time If It's Wrong