How Long It Takes Taurus Zodiac Signs To Fall In Love, According To Astrologers

So you’ve fallen for a Taurus and now you’re wondering how
they’re feeling about you. On one hand, they’re very attentive,
plan thoughtful dates, and behave consistently. You never have to
worry about whether or not they’ll respond to your texts. But on
the other hand, you’ve been seeing each other for a while now and
they have yet to verbalize how they feel. Dating can be confusing
sometimes, but with the help of astrology, you can better
understand why some people behave the way they do. If you’re
confused by a Taurus, knowing
how long it takes Taurus to fall in love
can give you insight
into how they may be feeling about you and where your relationship
is heading.

One of the most important things to know about Taurus is they’re
an Earth sign. Taurus, along with Virgo and Capricorn, tend to be
practical, reliable, grounded, and very slow moving. They also
value stability and security in their relationships, which takes
some time to establish. Because of this, Taurus is one of the

slowest zodiac signs to fall in love

“Taurus needs a partner who they can trust,” certified
astrologer Kyla
tells Bustle. “The motto for this sign is ‘slow and
steady wins the race,’ and they’re notorious for taking their time.
They want to be
, and they want to be sure the person is the perfect fit
for their mind, body, and soul. They’re slow to commit, but once
they do, they’re yours for life.”

In order to capture a Taurus’ heart, there needs to be both a
strong physical attraction as well as a deeper connection. “Taurus
is the most sensual sign in the zodiac since they’re ruled by
Venus,” astrologer Elisa
Robyn, PhD
, tells Bustle. “They want to meet someone who has an
inner and outer beauty, and want you to appreciate theirs. They
love to talk about love, hear flowery words and phrases, and give
and receive gifts. They tend to look for someone sweet, romantic,
sensual, and intelligent.”

According to Derkach, Taurus tend to do particularly well with
their fellow Earth signs as they share the same values and have
similar approaches to love. But they can also find a good match in
a Water sign like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, who can help them get
in touch with their softer and more emotional side.

Regardless of what sign you are, getting a Taurus
to fall in love
with you will take some time. But there are
some things you can do to keep moving things in the right
direction. For instance, Derkach suggests making them feel special
and appealing to their senses. Romantic dinners with good food and
music are a must. Taurus is all about the finer things in life. So
if you can appeal to their love of luxury, that will go over really
well with them. Showing affection in physical ways like kissing,
hugging, massaging, and hand holding is also important. Above all,
prove to them how grounded and dependable you are. If you want to
keep them in your life, be sure to show them that you’re

It’s worth noting that Taurus won’t waste their time on someone
they don’t see long-term potential with. Even if they aren’t being
open with their feelings just yet, be patient. If you still see
them regularly, you’re in a good place. Again, they may be slow to
fall in love and express it. But once they do, they’re yours for


Elisa Robyn, PhD,

Kyla Derkach,
certified astrologer

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How Long It Takes Taurus Zodiac Signs To Fall In Love,
According To Astrologers